The Widget Builder allows you to design small gadgets that you can add to your institution's website. These Widgets assist your visitors with real-time information from SC TRAC. They are a great way to utilize your investment in SC TRAC without having students leave your site.

Getting Started

Before you get started creating your own Widget you may want to view the examples page to see how the Widget can be used. When you are ready, creating a Widget for your website is an easy three-step process:

  1. Select options such as your institution name, a theme, and a size on the designer screen.
  2. Select the "Get Code" button.
  3. Paste the code into an HTML page on your website.

Terms of Use

Institutions are permitted to create and use Widgets free of charge on their respective web sites as long as the institution credits SCTRAC.org for the content and includes a direct link to SCTRAC.org. To meet this requirement the institution needs to simply place the unaltered, generated code on the site.

The creation and use of Widgets is a free and voluntary service. Therefore, AcademyOne, as the Widget developer, extends no warranty to you, your institution or users for any damages real or perceived that may result through use of these Widgets. AcademyOne reserves the right to update the software, user experience, and content as the product evolves and data is updated.